Glossary of Terms

The putting together of manufactured parts to make a complete product.
Blanket Print Disc
Print Disc with removable blanket. The disc is transferred From the inker to the printer where it is then transferred to the substrate. The Blankets can replaced when worn.
CAD systems allow an engineer to view a design from any angle with the push of a button and to zoom in or out for close-ups and long-distance views. In addition, the computer keeps track of design dependencies so that when the engineer changes one value, all other values that depend on it are automatically changed accordingly.
CNC Milling
CNC is short for Computer Numerical Control -it refers to a computer "controller" that reads instructions and drives the machine tool. CNC's are able to perform precision cuts reliably in machine shop settings. Most machine shops would have CNC lathes, CNC routers, CNC milling machines, etc.
CNC Turning
Turning is a machining process in which a cutting tool, typically a non-rotary tool bit, describes a helical toolpath by moving more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates. The tool's axes of movement may be literally a straight line, or they may be along some set of curves or angles, but they are essentially linear.
Distribution Roller
The distribution roller is where the ink is placed either by volume or weight and is available for 'UV' and 'Conventional' Inks
The final appearance of the metal ie, satin, painted, plated, polished etc
The thickness of sheet or the diameter of wire. The various standards are arbitrary and differ with regard to ferrous and nonferrous products as well as sheet and wire.
Ink Pippette
Measures ink volume up to 1 gram with increments of 1 milligram. The body is made of S/S with a brass inner.
Ink Proofer
The proofer system is a printing unit for proofing purposes.
ISO 9001 is an international standard that gives requirements for an organization's quality management system (QMS).
Make or operate on with a machine.
The process of converting raw materials, components, or parts into finished goods that meet a customer's expectations or specifications
A machine having a stationary bed or anvil and a slide (ram or hammer) which has a controlled reciprocating motion toward and away from the bed surface and at right angle to it. The slide is guided in the frame of the machine to give a definite path of motion.
Print Disc Blanket
Self adhesive blanket, available for 'UV' and 'conventional' Inks
Roller Stand
Support stand for the distribution roller to stop distortion of the roller
Any material or piece of uniform thickness and of considerable length and width as compared to its thickness
Solid Print Disc
Solid 'PU' Print Disc. The disc is transferred From the inker to the printer where it is then transferred to the substrate.

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