Dragee Mixing Pan

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Teknimek Engineering Solutions
One of the principal requirements of the product developer is to be able to produce small batches of
finished product in a controlled and consistent manner. He needs to identify changes in finished product due to changes in formulation as opposed to changes in manufacturing method.

The Dragee Pan, based on a design concept from Leatherhead Food RA, is designed to minimise the variation in manufacturing technique due to the operator. It has a 30 cm diameter spherical stainless steel pan, which can be driven at speeds that are continuously variable between 5 and 75 rpm, at angles of between 0˚ and 90˚ to the horizontal. The speed control and on/off switch are neatly encased in a housing on the base plate.

Some users find it appropriate to be able to blow hot or cold air into the pan and, although that facility is not supplied, there is a fitting on the base of the unit that will accept a 12.5 mm diameter rod on which can be mounted a hairdryer/blower system.

For applications involving dry materials, for example, coating of nuts with spices, where the material would normally stay in the bottom of the pan irrespective of the fact that the pan is rotating, stainless steel blades can be fitted inside the pan to cause agitation of the mass. Two or three blades are the normal requirement.

Maximum height:

33 x 48 cms
48 cms
10 kg
220/240v 50hz. 1 amp
or 100/115v 60hz. 2 amp.



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