Fire Protection — Spin Coating Machine

Spin Coating Machine
The SprayLiner is a semi-automatic machine designed to apply an internal lining of a Twin Station Spin Coating Machine:

The Twin Station Spin Coating Machine uses a rotary and pivoting motion to powder coat the inside of Fire Extinguishers or cylinders.

The machine is equipped with Pre-Heat burners that heat the mounted cylinders while rotating thus distributing the powder evenly over the inside surface of the cylinder. The machine requires an operator to manually load and unload cylinders. (The above photograph's show a machine with rear guarding only)

Standard Specifications

1.55m x 1.2m x 1.85m. ( W x D x Ht )
Operational floor space required: 2.8m x 2.5m

Gas burners:
Pre mix blown gas system, with ribbon pipe and nozzle burners. Suitable for use on any commercially available gas.
Max rating 48,000 K/cal/hr
Average running 24,000 K/cal/hr.

Electrical power requirements.
Supply voltage. 3 phase supply to suit customers requirements/
Power requirements. 1.0 kw.

Compressed air.
0.22m3/min @ 6 bar.

Typical production rates.
( 9 litre components) Floor to floor time 4-5.5 minutes.

Material usage.
( 9 litre components) 400-430 gms/component


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