Fire Protection — Spray Lining Machine

The SprayLiner is a semi-automatic machine designed to apply an internal lining of a special grade of thermoplastic coating material to pre-heated fire extinguisher cylinders using an electrostatic powder feed system.

The Standard 'Semi-Automatic' Machine will line 2 Pre-Heated cylinders at a time and is PLC controlled to give more control of the coating process over certain areas of the cylinder. e.g welds or overlap areas. When spraying, the excess powder is sucked away to a powder recovery unit after which it can be re-used making it extremely economical on powder.

We can also supply a Twin Lance Machine as a 'fully automatic' machine which incorporates a Pre-Heat and cylinder transfer system.

Standard Specifications
Teknimek Engineering Solutions

Cylinder sizes :
From 110mm to 200mm in Diameter : Up to 600mm in length :
Minimum Neck hole size 25mm

Requirements :
Cylinder temperature 245-260 degrees pre-heat

Electrical power requirements:
380/420 volts/3ph/50hz. 3.5 kw max including dust collector.

Compressed air:
30 m3/hr @ 5.5 bar dry clean air.

Operational floor space required:
3.0 x 3.0 mts. Approximately.


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